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We are fortunate enough to have a new designer from France, here with us, Cathy Amouroux.  She is currently working hard to collaborate with Trama Textiles on some new clothing ideas.

Cathy studied fashion design at the Parisian fashion school ´Duperré´ for three years.  Upon graduating she worked for several fashion houses such as Kenzo and Ted Lapidus.  Having worked in the industry for several years, she decided that it was time to spread her wings and see more of the world.  On a trip to Jordan to visit the Petra desert, she felt compelled to go further afield and decided it was time to travel.  Her vision, for this journey, was to try a different approach, taking her talent and experience and to find new ways to combine them with talents to be found in the wider world.  She wanted to visit artists from from all over and collaborate where possible, meeting people, exchanging cultures and studying elements of what they do.

Starting four months ago in Australia, Cathy began by visiting various aboriginal groups and found that even though many of the indigenous groups can be dated back hundreds of thousands of years, their designs, paintings and patterns have a suprisingly contemporary aesthetic.  Cathy carried out three different collaborations, some of which can be seen on her beautiful blog, WEAR YOU FROM, that use different techniques and processes of the groups she worked with.  After finishing in Australia, she travelled to New Zealand, where she learnt about jade carving with Daryl, a man who lives a remote life, hunting for and carving jade into jewellery pieces.  These are just a few of the adventures that she has been on so far.

Cathy’s next stop – lucky for us – is here in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.  She is now our resident designer for a month and comes here with great enthusiasm and a vision for what both she and Trama can achieve by collaborating.  Cathy would like to bring something new to Trama by keeping the essence of its operation but encompassing a fresh and contemporary approach, introducing some clothing options.

Whats next on Cathy´s journey?  She is going to be travelling to Peru, where she would like to work on a jewellery project, drawing inspiration from a school assignment that she did many years ago.  Then shes moves on to the Amazon, where she plans to reinterpret ancesteral drawings of a tribe and translate their patterns onto fabric and clothing.

Cathy´s approach and ambition is truly inspiring!  I definitely recommend following her blog, to discover more of this vibrant world through her eyes!

You can see her blog here at http://wearyoufrom.fr/en/.

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