Lake Atitlan is famous for its natural beauty and the amazing Mayan villages offering a spectacular view on the Lake.

It is the deepest Lake from Central America and a lot of tourists come to see this beautiful place which offer a lot of different activities.

But we offer you the chance to live an authentic experience with our weavers’s families from San Juan village.

We offer you the opportunity to share the beautiful family’s life of Maria Christina & Fansisca, two sisters who live next to each other. Three generations live in these peaceful houses surroundings by the forest and really close from the Lake’s beach !

The husbands work in the coffee fields while the women hold a shop with their products, teaching also all bout natural dyes and weaving technique.


             PRICES TOUR FOR 1 PERS:

         Including meals / nights / activities with the family.

  • 1 DAY: 200 Q/ 27 usd / 23 eur
  • 2 DAYS / 1 NIGHT: 440 / 60 usd / 51 eur
  • 3 DAYS / 2 NIGHTS: 655 / 80 usd / 76 eur

                     Get a 10% discount if you are 2 people booking the tour and 15% if you are 3 !

                     For more information about the families and activities you can do, please contact us by email at coordinator@tramatextiles.org