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Trama Textiles gives you the amazing opportunity to visit our weavers and share the daily life of their families.

Want to learn more about our weavers? Check out this short video of Francisca from San Juan de La Laguna!

You will live an authentic experience within the community.

This is a unique chance to learn about the Guatemalan culture and know more about their traditions. You will visit the village and surroundings with the family, see the beautiful local markets, learn how to cook the traditional meals of Guatemala.

You will also share the daily work of the husbands as agriculture & coffee production or learn with the women all the secrets of the traditional backstrap loom weaving.

You have to be aware that the life’s conditions are basics but you can learn more about the social conditions of Guatemalan people.

We offer you different tours in three different villages: San Juan from Lake Atitlan, San Martin and Pujujil. Each one will bring you different learnings, culture and life’s conditions.

You can spend just a day or several nights according to your wishes. If you have some special request, let us know and we can personalize the tour for you.

Please be aware that between a 60% and 70% of the tour price goes directly to the family. The other percentage is a comission for Trama Textiles and partner agencies . We are totally transparent on our prices, so we would be please to give the details of the price, if you ask us.