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In 1988, after some of the most devastating years of Guatemala´s civil war, our association was formed. At the beginning our name was CENAT (Centro Nacional de Artesania Textile), but since then we have changed our name to ASOTRAMA (Asociación Trama) and finally just TRAMA Textiles. The civil war was a time when most of the men from our communities: our grandfathers, fathers, brothers and sons, disappeared. Those of us who remained were forced to figure out how to survive and support our households and communities. During those desperate times, we realized the benefits of collaboration. From this union, TRAMA Textiles was formed.

Today our groups proudly weave as they continue the ancient textile art of backstrap loom weaving that has sustained our cultures and communities for over 1,500 years. TRAMA’s backstrap loom weavers utilize traditional technology and designs to create high-quality products both for national and international markets.

Weaving in the intimacy of their homes, our weavers are able to provide additional economic income to their families. By marketing their products through an organization that fights for the dignity, well-being, and ethnic expression of its associates, the continuity of their traditions and work is guaranteed.