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Becoming a Trama Tribe Member

Becoming a Trama Tribe Member

We wanted to offer you something that would involve you in our mission, letting you enter behind the scenes and contributing to the creative process of Trama Textiles. This is why we have decided to open the possibility of becoming monthly donors of our Education Fund, thus gaining the special Trama Tribe membership! What does that mean? It means that by donating monthly, you will receive first access to new products, such as our brand new Summer collection '21, and you will be updated, through an exclusive newsletter, of our workers' stories and traditions, inherited from the times of the Civil War and even earlier. 

Have you ever fantasized on a specific product that is still not in our catalogue? Our maybe you saw one you particularly liked, but you would have changed it a little bit?  Well, by becoming a monthly donor, you will be able to order custom designed products from our weavers! Play with colors, textures, and designs, and put a little of yourself in our weavers' creative process! 

We have always cared about involving volunteers in our collections design, as you can see from this image, picturing our former volunteer helping the weavers producing natural dyes, but this time we felt the need of directly involving our customers, even from afar. 

Natural Dye 

But wait! Let's go back a little bit...what is Trama's Education Fund?

As you might know, our Education Fund has been created to help the children of our Cooperative learngrow and excel

The communities that make up our cooperative face extremely difficult conditions when it comes to education for their children. In Guatemala, while primary school (Grades 1-6) is free, Basico and Diversificado (let's say the equivalent of middle and high school) costs not only an inscription fee, but a monthly charge!

For one child to attend one year of Basico it costs around Q2000, that, at current exchange rates, is the equivalent to $270 per year. That doesn't even cover the additional costs of general supplies, transportation to and from school, and books that all children at every age need. Multiply it by six years to get them through high school and you will realize how unaffordable it may be for families, considering that in rural areas of Guatemala the minimum wage is just $12 a day (Q90), which many will not make.

Throughout all 17 communities that make up the Trama Textiles Cooperative there is an average of 15-20 children in each community, 5 of which are of the Basico level age.

Our goal is to fundraise the $1,200 it takes to send one of our Trama weaver's children through middle and high school with a 75% scholarship, and to do so for every weaver's child who is in need.  And the more we raise, the more supplies, books, and uniforms we also can provide to the students, so they are completely equipped to succeed. 
Just to give you an idea, by donating $25 per month, you will be sending a student to school for a whole year with books in their hands and a backpack full of basic supplies.
By donating $50, you will be sending a student through their entire middle school education.
By donating $100 you will be sending a student through all six years of their middle school and high school education, and setting them up to go into college, get a well-paying job, and finally break the cycle of poverty for their family. 
Donating monthly may be the best solution for you to commit to our mission in a sustainable yet effective way, with the least worry and effort on your part. Remember you can select the donation amount that you prefer.
If you like the idea, take a look at our Fundraising page
Education Fund
Thank you to all of our wonderful supporters who have already donated to our Education Fund or became a direct sponsors to one of our weaver's children.  You are changing lives.  

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