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Celebrating International Women's Day

Celebrating International Women's Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Laura Pickerill one of our current volunteers, decided to interview each of the other volunteers to explore their views on the global feminist movement in 2020, to discuss the sorts of issues which women here in Guatemala face as well as the issues women face in their countries of origin. The interviews also explore the ways in which each of the volunteers aspire to utilise their unique skills and platform to raise up other women and to realise their own potential in the world. 

The accompanying photoshoot was designed to capture and celebrate the unique character of each of the women and their beauty, as well as showcasing the beautiful Mayan garments they are modelling, each of which has been handcrafted by out incredible team of Trama Textiles indigenous Mayan weavers.

 Click on the images below to read the full interviews : 







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