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Trama Textiles - Guatemalan Textiles and Crafts - Almaya fund kids backpack - Cuddly Bear
Trama Textiles - Guatemalan Textiles and Crafts - Almaya fund kids backpack - Cuddly Bear
Trama Textiles - Guatemalan Textiles and Crafts - Almaya fund kids backpack - Cuddly Bear

Almaya Fund Kids' Backpack - Cuddly Bear


Gift your beloved kids the remarkable strength and beauty of nature!

Each of these unique accessories indeed represents an incredible animal, whose cheerful personality will make it the perfect companion for your children's adventures.
Their vivid and joyful colors, coming from crafty dyes, will embrace you and your loved ones in a warm and regenerative hug.

But that's not all!

By gifting the young members of your family one of these backpacks, you will also support our sister organisation, Almaya Fund, in providing all kids of several Guatemalan communities with access to education and healthcare: this is the real superpower of all our crafts.

Check them out and collaborate with us in building a brighter future for our global society!


What do you need to know?

Material: 100% Rio Blanco Cotton.
Size: 27cm x 20cm.
Care: Hand-wash in cold water, treat stains with mild detergent, lay flat to air dry.
Features: Adjustable straps; a zipper top closure.


Each backpack is handmade by TRAMA's weavers using the traditional backstrap loom weaving technique of the Guatemalan highlands. Each product is the result of our women's craftsmanship, so they are not only beautiful but also incredibly durable and resistant.


Our eco-friendly kids' backpacks are made with 100% organic cotton and passion.

The whole process of production is energy- and resource-saving, with minimum usage of water and electricity.

TRAMA's cooperative guarantees fair wages to its weavers and funds education programmes for the young members of several Guatemalan communities.

By purchasing TRAMA's products, you are contributing to:

  • preserving our weavers' craftsmanship and cultural identity.
  • developing businesses founded on fair wages for workers and respect for the environment.



If your thirst for knowledge is unquenchable, feel free to email us all your doubts and questions. We will be happy to share with you all our secrets!

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Discover more about our commitment to conduct a slow fashion business that is socially and environmentally sustainable: Almaya Fund is responsible for designing and implementing social projects that can improve the quality of life of several Guatemalan communities.

If you are willing to lend a hand but these backpacks are not what you are looking for, take a look at these precious shopping bags: don't miss out on this chance!