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Almaya Fund: Viveres Baskets

It's that time of year!  Trama Textiles is asking its lovely supporters and fans to join us in brightening up the holidays of our committed women artisans with gifts of food and house supplies.  This year, we are gifting our weavers Easter Baskets, filled with supplies like beans, sugar, oil, and much more!  

The aim of these baskets is to supply the weavers with nutritious bulk items that they can use to create meals during Easter and Semana Santa for themselves and their loved ones.  Cooking is a huge part of the holidays here in Guatemala; it gives the women great pride for them to not only be able to properly feed their family, but to go that extra mile and create savory and healthy dishes for their loved ones to celebrate the most holy week of the year. 

Sadly many of them cannot afford to buy any food items beyond basic corn and rice, especially with the pandemic weakening their economic situations even further.  We want to give them the gift of nutrition, holiday joy, and dignity. And beyond just the holidays, the women use the non-perishable food items we give them for weeks to come!    

Each Easter Basket will cost 125 Quetzales, equal to $16.20 USD.  We have 100 weavers in the cooperative and we want to give every one a basket, so we must raise $1,620 USD in donations! 

You can make a donation to our drive here


This is a Trama tradition, we have been giving the weavers holiday baskets with basic supplies for many years.  The weavers have told us it is what they look forward to most out of the whole year!  You can be bring extreme joy and security to these women, and so we ask you to please consider donating.  

We will post photos of the Easter and email them to all donors so you can all see the meaningful impact you have made. 

The weavers truly appreciate your generosity.