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Previous Projects

COVID-19 emergency food packages and school supplies delivery (March-December 2020)

With the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on indigenous communities, where both food insecurity and malnutrition have increased, we prioritized Nutritional Support & Education as one of the focuses of the Almaya Fund in 2020, with the goal of tackling the crisis of malnutrition among Guatemalan children. 

We were able to bring multiple rounds of essential food packages (eggs, rice, beans, flour, etc.) to every women in our cooperative. 




University Scholarship Fund 

A huge thank you to our donors who made our first year of the scholarship program possible. We were able to assist two women in attending university.

Marisol lives in the Municipality of Churuneles-1 in Sololá. She studied Business Administration at the University and her goal is to create a company and provide her family with economic stability, while generating employment for society.

Jacqueline is 18 years old and lives in the Municipality of San Martín Sacatepéquez in Quetzaltenango. She is currently at University studying a Bachelor of Nursing and her greatest motivation is to be able to provide for the baby she is expecting and support her family. Her dream is to work as a nurse and help people from her community.


Viveres Baskets Semana Santa Drive


The aim of these easter baskets was to supply the weavers with nutritious bulk items that they can use to create meals during Easter and Semana Santa for themselves and their loved ones. Cooking is a huge part of the holidays here in Guatemala; however sadly, many of weavers cannot afford to buy any food items beyond basic corn and rice, especially with the pandemic weakening their economic situations even further. So this money really helped us to support them in this difficult time.

Each Easter Basket cost 125 Quetzales (equal to $16.20 USD). We have 100 weavers in the cooperative and we wanted to give every one a basket, so our goal was to raise $1,620 USD in donations! This has been a tradition in Trama for many many years.


Although we didn´t quite reach our target of $1620 we still managed to make an honourable total of $926 which really helped us towards the basket goods purchasing. The weavers told us that the baskets really helped make their day special as they had access to many items they wouldn´t have otherwise bought and are very grateful for this help for them and their families.

Below we have attached some photos of our weavers recieving their baskets.