donate weavers

Thanks to the contributions of people like you, Trama Textiles is able to support more women and their families! Here at Trama, we welcome both in-kind donations as well as financial support.

In-Kind Donations

We are in need of the following objects to help Trama run more efficiently and effectively. Please email or call us to let us know if you would like to donate any of the following items:

- Office supplies such as carbon paper, staples, printer paper, pens, highlighters, and black ink pads (thumb-printing is how most of our weavers sign their documents, since they cannot read and write)

- Hygeine products for the weavers, including soap, shampoo, toilet paper, sanitary towels and hand cream

- School supplies, toys and books for the weavers' children

    Financial support

    If you wish to make a monetary donation, you can use our Paypal link:

    Every donation makes a difference! 

    Muchas gracias!