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Thanks to the contributions of people like you, Trama Textiles is able to support more women and their families! Here at Trama, we welcome both in-kind donations as well as financial support.

Education Fund

The communities that make up our cooperative face extremely difficult conditions when it comes to education for their children. In Guatemala, while primary school (Grades 1-6) is free, Basico and Diversificado (roughly the equivalent of middle and high school) costs not only an inscription fee, but a monthly charge!

For one child to attend one year of Basico it costs around Q5500 (Q500 inscription fee and Q500 monthly fee for the 10 month school year). At current exchange rates, this is the equivalent to : $715 per year.

That means for one child to complete the four years of Basico it will cost at a minimum $2860. That doesn't even cover the additional costs of general supplies, transportation to and from school, and books that all children at every age need.

Needless to say it is quite expensive, especially for families living in rural, lower income areas of Guatemala where minimum wage is just $12 a day (Q90), which many families will not get/make.

Throughout all 17 communities that make up the Trama Textiles Cooperative there are an average of 15-20 children in each community, 5 of which are of the Basico level age.

Our goal is to raise enough money for all 85 of the students to attend Middle School, which would cost around $60,000 for the year. Of course, that is a tall order so we are starting small in hopes this campaign will grow.

Our goal is to fundraise $15,000 so that, at a minimum, we can provide supplies, books, and uniforms for the students and hopefully help sponsor some of the students through middle school.

Any little bit helps!

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In-Kind Donations

We are in need of the following objects to help Trama run more efficiently and effectively. Please email us at to let us know if you would like to donate any of the following items:

- Office supplies such as carbon paper, staples, printer paper, pens, highlighters, and black ink pads (thumb-printing is how most of our weavers sign their documents, since they cannot read and write)

- Hygiene products for the weavers, including soap, shampoo, toilet paper, sanitary towels and hand cream

- School supplies, toys and books for the weavers' children


    Financial support

    If you wish to make a monetary donation directly to our association, you can use our PayPal link:

    Please write in the payment description "Donation" so that we can use your funds accordingly!  


    Every donation makes a difference! 

    Muchas gracias!