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Individual Custom Orders

Each of our pieces are created one at a time by weavers through out the Guatemalan highlands. Our artists combine vibrant colors with the craftsmanship shared in their communities for generations.

We are now offering the ability for customers to purchase custom individual orders- allowing our shoppers to combine their desired color palettes and ideas with the designs and creativity of the women in our cooperative.

Many of our product types are available with customizable qualities for individual purchase. We have a catalogue of colors, styles, and designs to chose from. Details for your order process are available below. 


Order Process:

We are excited to bring your vision to life.  There are many products we can offer with full customization, such as: earrings, scarves, and skirts. Other products, like rugs, we can source as close as possible to your desired specifications. 


Please fill out our online order form: Here.



Custom orders vary in price depending on size and complexity. Due to the time and complexity of individual custom orders, these designs start at a base price of $100 USD. After completing our form, we will contact you over email to discuss pricing and further details for your order.


For inspiration:

Explore our Mayan Symbolism Page, for the history and significance behind the images stitched and woven into your goods.