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San Antonio Palopó

If you want to get a real sense of Guatemala, a trip to the Mayan village of San Antonio comes highly recommended.

This town has a lot to offer, but is also unspoiled by tourism. You'll still find both men and women wearing the traditional clothing often made on backstrap looms, and foot looms are also seen all over town. 

Due to the volcanic eruptions in the area, the clay in San Antonio's rivers is an ideal quality to make earthenware, meaning that the village is also an ideal place to buy ceramic souvenirs. Picturesque ceramics shops are dotted all over the town.

If getting away from the tourist hustle sounds appealing, San Antonio is the perfect place to grab a few hours of peace. 

DAY TOUR PRICES FOR 1 PERSON: (including all transport & lunch)

Santa Catarina - 195Q
San Antonio - 200Q
Both - 215Q

!Attention! The last opportunity to get back to your homestay in San Juan from Panajachel is at 5 pm. Depending on your pace, you could choose to take it tranquilo and take it one village at the time, or do both villages in one day. 

See below for an optional itinerary:

Day tour of San Antonio & Santa Catarina

8.00 Breakfast

9.00 Boat to Panajachel

10.00 Pick-up from Panajachel to San Antonio Palopo and/or Santa Catarina Palopo

12.00 Arrive in San Antonio

Enjoy your packed lunch, wander through the streets and marvel at the foot loom weavers and ceramics.

13.30 Pick-up to Santa Catarina

14.00 Arrive in Santa Catarina

Get to the visitor center to get a better understanding of the masterpiece village you just entered and wander around.

15.30 Pick-up from Santa Catarina to Panajachel

17.00 Take boat from Panajachel to San Juan

17.30 Back in San Juan

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