San Martin is the village where our founder Amparo lives. It is a typical village from 1 hour to Xela (Quetzaltenango). So if you want to leave the effervescent life of Xela for a while, San Martin is the perfect place ! A beautiful countryside surrounded by mountains…

We offer you to live an authentic experience in this quiet village with no tourists! Learn about the weaving technique, work with the husbands in the agriculture fields, visit the local market, climb up to the mirador to enjoy the beautiful view of San Martin!


Including transportation / meals / nights / activities with the family.

  • 1 DAY: 220 / 30 usd / 25.5 eur
  • 2 DAYS / 1 NIGHT: 465 / 63 usd / 54 eur
  • 3 DAYS / 2 NIGHTS: 680 / 93 usd / 79 eur

Get a 10% discount if you are 2 people booking the tour and 15% if you are 3!

For more information about the families and activities you can do, please contact us by email at