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1 lb Coffee Gift Bag - Guatemalan Coffee
1 lb Coffee Gift Bag - Guatemalan Coffee
1 lb Coffee Gift Bag - Guatemalan Coffee

1 lb Coffee Gift Bag - Guatemalan Coffee


Give a gift full of Mayan values. 

Large Handwoven Drawstring Bag with 1 lb bag of Guatemalan grown and roasted coffee.

The Bag:

Each bag has been handwoven by our TRAMA Textiles Cooperative of Mayan Weavers, who live in the highlands of Guatemala. They are traditionally made using using brightly colored, non-toxic dyed cotton, on either  traditional pedal looms or backstrap looms, ensuring that you are receiving an incredibly durable and well-made product. 

The designs of the fabric are bright stripes which, in Mayan symbology can signify agricultural division and lines or the continuous journey forward on the path of life. 

The Coffee:

These beans are grown across Guatemala and are roasted onsite here, in Quetzaltenango. Guatemala is one of the World's top coffee producers. With it’s fertile, volcanic soil, heavy rains and high altitudes, Guatemala is renowned for its distinct variety of flavors.

With your gift bag, you may choose which bean variety you would like, and whether you want beans or ground coffee. Each 1 lb coffee bag is placed in a foil-lined bag and sealed with an airtight seal, made on request immediately after it is roasted and ground (if you opt for ground). The bags come with a resealable clip to retain freshness.

Choose from the following flavor varieties:

  • San Marcos:  Smooth
  • Antigua:   Balanced and slightly sweet
  • Huehuetenango :   Acidic and strong
  • Acatenango:   Bitter and strong
  • Colomba Costa Cuca :   Semi-acidic



What do you need to know?

Material: 100% Rio Blanco Cotton

Care: Hand-wash in cold water, treat stains with mild detergent, lay flat to air dry weight, material and features. Our products do not shrink, bleed or fade.

Unique: As all our products are handmade, you may notice small irregularities. These are not faults but simply unique features resulting from the artisan nature of the techniques used to make our products.

Impact: By purchasing TRAMA products, you are providing a fair wage to the women and helping to preserve cultural traditions of the indigenous people of the highlands of Guatemala.