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Plum Table Runner

Plum Table Runner


This beautiful plum and blue table runner is perfect for brightening up a room, adding beautiful Guatemalan flair to any room. 

Each table runner is woven on the footloom by our Trama Textiles cooperative of Mayan weavers in the Guatemalan Highlands. Each is a unique piece, you cannot get the same one twice. Foot Loom weaving is a different weaving technique than backstrap loom weaving, it requires a different method including the feet in the weaving process. The footloom allows the weavers to create more intricate and detailed patterns, sewing deep symbolism into every stitch of this bed runner.  

This design comes from the Sacatepéquez region. The central pattern features zigzags, serpents, and flowers. In Mayan symbolism, the serpent represents the god Gucumatz, the creator of the world. The zigzags can also signify mountains, which provide clean air and protection from sickness. The images of the flowers that grow abundantly all year in Guatemala symbolize life and fertility. Quite a meaningful piece!

What do you need to know?

Size: 200 cm x 38 cm
Care: Hand-wash in cold water, treat stains with mild detergent, lay flat to air dry
Material:  100% Cotton
Crafted In: Sacatepéquez

Impact: By purchasing TRAMA products, you are providing a fair wage to the women and helping to preserve cultural traditions of the indigenous people of the highlands of Guatemala.

Because this table runner is a unique handmade product, the placement of the print may vary slightly between products. Colors may look slightly different on different screens.