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Complete Traje Set from Nebaj
Complete Traje Set from Nebaj
Complete Traje Set from Nebaj
Complete Traje Set from Nebaj
Complete Traje Set from Nebaj
Complete Traje Set from Nebaj
Complete Traje Set from Nebaj

Complete Traje Set from Nebaj


Each piece of this traje is handmade with cotton in the Nebaj region of Guatemala. It was made in the traditional method of backstrap loom-weaving. 

Traje refers to the traditional styles of clothing found through out Guatemala. For women, traje consist of a Huipil, Faja, and Corte. Each pueblo across Guatemala has its own unique style and qualities. Colors, symbols, styles of weaving and embroidering, all can show the unique history of Guatemala. You can read more about traje on our page here



You can't pass through Nebaj with out noticing the vibrant red cortes on every woman in the city. The statement skirts are woven with lines of yellow, black and white that vary in width. These are paired with huipils (blouses) and fajas (belts) that vary in style and design.

A huipil from Nebaj can be identified by the large embroidered patterns and images of animals. If you are looking for additional accessories, the women in Nebaj style their long hair with a variety of different scarves, wraps, and can be seen braided in a ribbon style. You can shop additional traje accessories here!

How it works: 

You have the option to choose a color palette and regional style. The color samples provided are just placeholders for you to be able to select a color family. Our community will then hand select the garments specifically for your order with your color choice in mind. All huipils are unique and handmade with a wide range of variation. But don't worry!  We will be sure that your order is coordinated flawlessly.

A traje is a deeply personal item that is respected both as art and as a garment for a lifetime,  so if you have additional questions about your order, we encourage you to contact us at   

Size: One Size / Free Size

Trajes are made of loose fitting fabrics that are fitted by folding and tying with belts.  Because of this naturally flexible style, huipils and cortes are able to fit a variety of figures and body shapes with ease. In fact, some huipils have no formal seams, and are only tucked into the waistband! Often, huipils are fitted only with an arm seam, allowing them to fit larger busts with out alterations.

If you have larger arms, or are concerned about the fit of your traje, please feel free to contact us at


What do you need to know?

Our cooperative is locally focused, from our artisans right down to the thread they weave with. That's why all of our materials are locally sourced from with in Guatemala. 

Each traje is handmade by weavers using the traditional backstrap loom weaving technique of the Guatemalan highlands. Each product is the result of these women's craftsmanship, so they are not only beautiful but also incredibly durable and resistant.


Our products are made with 100% organic cotton and passion.

The whole process of production is energy- and resource-saving, with a minimum usage of water and electricity.

TRAMA's cooperative guarantees fair wages to its weavers and funds education programs for the children of our communities.

By purchasing TRAMA's products, you are contributing to:

  • preserving our weavers' craftsmanship and cultural identity.
  • developing businesses founded on fair wages for workers and respect for the environment.
Material: 100% Rio Blanco Cotton & Hilo Alemania
Care: Hand-wash in cold water, treat stains with mild detergent, lay flat to air dry