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Trama Textiles - Embroidered blouse - Orange Ehecatl
Trama Textiles - Embroidered blouse - Orange Ehecatl
Trama Textiles - Embroidered blouse - Orange Ehecatl

Embroidered Blouse - Orange Ehecatl


Thanks to special embroidery machines, our weavers can add an extra touch to their handwoven blouses by creating neater and more intricate patterns whose beauty is made even more resplendent by their vibrant crafty dyes!

The floral embroideries that adorn each blouse are a symbol of life and connection between all living beings and spirits.
In Mayan and Aztec cultures, it is Ehecatl, the god of the winds, who supports this interconnectedness by spreading the intense fragrances of flowers towards the four corners of the cosmos to bring together all souls.

To reach those dispersed in the South, he must enter the territory of Huitzilopochtli, the powerful god of war...
It is fortunate though that Huitzilopochtli is associated with hummingbirds and thus welcomes gladly the passage of Ehecatl's floral breaths.

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What do you need to know?

Material: 100% Rio Blanco Cotton.
Size: 22'' length x 34'' width - 56cm length x 80cm width.
Features: Machine-embroidered floral patterns.
Care: Hand-wash in cold water, treat stains with mild detergent, lay flat to air dry.


Each blouse is handmade by TRAMA's weavers using the traditional backstrap loom weaving technique of the Guatemalan highlands. Each product is the result of our women's craftsmanship, so they are not only beautiful but also incredibly durable and resistant.


Our eco-friendly crafts are made with 100% organic cotton and passion.

The whole process of production is energy- and resource-saving, with minimum usage of water and electricity.

TRAMA's cooperative guarantees fair wages to its weavers and funds education programmes for the young members of several Guatemalan communities.

By purchasing TRAMA's products, you are contributing to:

  • preserving our weavers' craftsmanship and cultural identity.
  • developing businesses founded on fair wages for workers and respect for the environment.



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The hummingbird is thus an animal dear to the mighty Huitzilopochtli, who always wear a bracelet made of its shiny feathers as a promise of reincarnation.

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