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Trama Textiles - Guatemalan Coffee Gift Bag - 1/2 lb
Trama Textiles - Guatemalan Coffee Gift Bag - 1/2 lb
Trama Textiles - Guatemalan Coffee Gift Bag - 1/2 lb

Guatemalan Coffee Gift Bag - 1/2 lb


A trail of coffee beans runs through the soul of Guatemala, intertwining its natural, cultural and historical richness!

Thanks to a multitude of different microclimates and soils, the finest varieties of coffee can grow here and reach their full potential through the secular knowledge and continuous innovation of local growers.
Their valuable Arabica quality is enriched by a floral aroma and is low in caffeine due to the "bajo sombra" (= under shade) cultivation technique. However, depending on the region where coffee plants grow, our coffee beans develop different distinctive flavors.

Our craftswomen created these precious bags to enclose the unique bouquet of every blend of pure Guatemalan coffee and you can choose whether to receive it either ground or in whole beans.
In addition, you can pick from our selection of flavors, keeping in mind that each region is world-renowned for its peculiar coffee profile: they are all delicious and unique delights that are worth trying at least once in a lifetime!


Here is our coffee portfolio, divided by regions of cultivation:

  • San Marcos: delicate floral notes, pronounced acidity and good body.
  • Antigua: elegant and well balanced with a rich aroma and very sweet taste.
  • Huehuetenango: fine and intense acidity with a full body enriched with wine notes.
  • Acatenango: marked acidity, fragrant aroma and balanced body.
  • Colomba Costa Cuca (though not a major region): semi-acidic.

Let us know your preferences and choices by sending an e-mail to:

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


What do you need to know?

Material: 100% Rio Blanco Cotton; Pure Guatemalan Coffee.
Size: Packed Coffee: 1/2 lb; Handwoven Bag:
Care: Hand-wash in cold water, treat stains with mild detergent, lay flat to air dry.
Features: Coffee is contained in a foil-lined bag with an airtight seal and resealable clip. Once the order is received, coffee is packed immediately after it is roasted and ground (if you opt for the ground blend).


Each gift bag is handmade by TRAMA's weavers using the traditional backstrap loom weaving technique of the Guatemalan highlands. Each product is the result of these women's craftsmanship, so they are not only beautiful but also incredibly durable and resistant.


Our eco-friendly bags are made with 100% organic cotton and passion.

The whole process of production is energy- and resource-saving, with minimum usage of water and electricity.

TRAMA's cooperative guarantees fair wages to its weavers and funds education programmes for the young members of several Guatemalan communities.

By purchasing TRAMA's products, you are contributing to:

  • preserving our weavers' craftsmanship and cultural identity.
  • developing businesses founded on fair wages for workers and respect for the environment.

TRAMA sources its coffee from local growers and roasters. Our growers rely on the bajo sombra technique to cultivate top-notch coffee while preserving the habitat of Guatemalan precious flora and fauna. It is a sustainable cultivation technique that promotes biodiversity and the use of bio agricultural products.
It also prevents deforestation since trees' foliage is essential for allowing a slow-paced growth of coffee plants, letting them develop their unique tastes and bouquets to their fullest.



If your thirst for knowledge is unquenchable, we suggest checking out the following links to discover further details on Guatemalan unique and sustainable production of coffee:

Explore all major regions of cultivation: each one of them has peculiar features that make their coffee varieties and profiles extremely rare and valuable... you won't be able to resist their heavenly deliciousness!

Know more about our growers' commitment to environmental and social sustainability: they founded Anacafé to provide producers with training courses on the respectful use of soil, plant and water sources.
From Anacafé, it has developed Funcafé, the social-oriented branch that is responsible for developing and implementing projects that promote food security, health and education in rural communities, with a special focus on women and their children.