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Nebaj Pueblo Woven Earrings

Nebaj Pueblo Woven Earrings


The woven earrings are made using a loom that is a combination of backstrap and pedals. 

They represent the craft of an artisan from Totocinapan, Quetzaltenango. The artisan is one of the last people to use this technique, and this art has been taught through generations, but today it is disappearing. 



Material: cotton, backed with sterling silver.
Technique: combination of backstrap and pedals loom.
Size: 3'' length x 0.6'' width - 7.5 cm length x 1.5 cm width.
Origine: Totocinapan.

All of our earrings come with their own hand-painted wooden gift box.



As our products are 100% handmade, you may notice small irregularities between products, these are features resulting from the artisan nature of our techniques and materials. There may be a slight difference between the picture on our website and the product you receive at home. 

We hope that you enjoy the uniqueness of your new Guatemalan textiles, however, if the product does not meet your expectations, please contact us at: