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Guatemalan Independence Day!

Guatemalan Independence Day!

Nuestra historia es una historia viva, que ha palpitado, resistido y sobrevivido siglos de sacrificios." 
– Rigoberta Menchú Tum


On September 15th Guatemala is going to celebrate its 201st year of hardfought independence from Spain in 1821.

At the time, Guatemala, and much of the lands of America, had been under almost 300 years of colonial rule. On this day, 201 years ago, Guatemala and four other countries declared their independence from their oppressors (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua).

Each year Guatemalans are very passionate about celebrating their freedom and the city of Xela (Quetzaltenango) becomes alive with festivities. Live music, Guatemalan food, traditional dress, dances, parades, and celebratory drinks fill the homes, bars, and streets as Xela becomes the epicenter of the celebrations. 

People from all over the country come to celebrate this special day - visiting the local fair, parades, and games to celebrate their independence as Guatemalan citizens. 

So if you ever visit Guatemala during Independence Day, we hope you make it to Quetzaltenango and visit us here at Trama Textiles to celebrate alongside us!

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