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Almaya Fund

Almaya aims to provide members of the Trama Textiles cooperative with access to health & welfare services, professional development and adult & child education, to improve health outcomes and end the cycle of poverty in communities.

Current Campaigns

 Education Fund - click here to find out more

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In order to fully address the needs of its members and their communities, Trama Textiles established the Almaya Fund in 2019. As the sister organization to Trama Textiles, Almaya Fund focuses on providing access to healthcare and education services for the families of Trama Textiles members. 

Although Trama Textiles has been successful in providing fair wages for its cooperative members, a large proportion of the Indigenous population in the Western Highlands continues to live in extreme poverty with little access to health care services or education. 

By donating, you can help provide these communities with access to healthcare and opportunities for educational and professional development.



The Almaya Fund finances projects, through fundraising, based on the needs identified within the communities.

Based on the outcomes of an assessment carried out in 2019, Almaya aims to develop support services and opportunities for members of Trama Textiles cooperatives in the following areas:

1. Scholarships and School Supplies for the weavers' children:
    • Basico and Diversificado (equivalent to middle and high school)
      2. Health and Well-being:  
        • Health Services, including mental health 
        • Nutrition
        • Family Planning
        • Access to safe water

            3. Training and Education for the weavers:
            • Weaving/Design workshops to continue to improve their skills
            • Spanish or Literacy skills
            • Financial literacy

            Past Campaigns and Success Stories

            Artistic Development Training and Equipment (June - October 2022) - donation target achieved thanks to your generous donations! Our communities have all received the promised urdidors - a necessary textile technology for our weavers here. These new urdidors and your continuous support will enable our weavers to keep creating for generations to come.