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Almaya Fund



Almaya aims to provide members of the Trama Textiles cooperative with access to health & welfare services, professional development and adult & child education, to improve health outcomes and end the cycle of poverty in communities.


We are excited to launch Almaya, a new sister organisation to Trama Textiles. Almaya will focus on supporting access to necessary healthcare and education services for the families of Trama Textiles members.

Trama Textiles is an association of artisan female weavers in Guatemala. Over the past 32 years, Trama Textiles has worked directly with 400 Mayan women from 17 weaving cooperatives across 5 regions in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. The goal of the association is to create work for fair wages for these women, to enable them to support their families and communities, and to preserve and develop the rich cultural tradition of textile arts within these communities. 

Although Trama Textiles has been successful in providing fair wages for its cooperative members, a large proportion of the indigenous population in the Western Highlands continue to live in extreme poverty with little access to health care services or full education. 

Trama had a vision to further support its members and families by helping them to access required services, as well as creating opportunities for educational and professional development. 

In order to fully address the needs of its members, Trama Textiles has now established Almaya, a separate ‘sister’ organisation which will focus solely on access to health & welfare services and education opportunities.

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Using needs assessments and collaborations with each community, Almaya will identify the most crucial areas of need for the women and their families.

Based on the outcomes of an assessment carried out in 2019, Almaya aims to develop support services and development opportunities for members of Trama Textiles cooperatives in the following areas:

1. Health and Well-being:  
Almaya will work to provide access to support in the areas of:
  • Health Services
  • Nutrition
  • Vision Restoring
  • Oral Care
  • Family Planning
  • Access to safe water
2. Training and Education:
Almaya will help Mayan weavers to better their economic situations with training and education in the areas of:
  • Weaving/Design workshops to continue to improve their skills
  • Spanish or Literacy skills
  • Financial literacy
3. Scholarships and School Supplies:
Almaya will provide scholarships and school supplies for the children of Trama Textiles members to help to end the cycle of poverty in their communities.



Working with Partners
With money raised, Almaya will collaborate with experienced organisations and NGOs in Guatemala who are experts in the fields of health and education.

The Almaya Fund will finance the facilitation of projects based on the needs identified within the communities. 




Almaya will focus on one key area for development each year. Given the devastating  effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on indigenous communities, where both food insecurity and malnutrition have increased, Almaya will prioritize Nutritional Support & Education as the first focus of the project, with the goal of tackling the crisis of malnutrition among Guatemalan children. 


Almaya will work with a team of volunteers who are passionate about international development. Individuals with a background or interest in healthcare, education and development are encouraged to apply.
We are seeking volunteers with relevant expertise or skills for the following positions:

  • International development, grants writing
  • Digital marketing and social media
  • Healthcare needs assessment and program manager/coordinator
  • Childhood education program manager
  • Photographer / video services to produce content for social media, newsletters and websites