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Maya History and Cultural Resources

Whilst we do our best to explain, highlight and show the story and history behind our products and the weavers who create them (from their culture to their religion), we also want to recognise the incredible research into Maya textiles and culture that has been done by others which is helping to educate about and preserve this incredible craft. Although you can find many interesting and insightful articles on our blog (written by our talented volunteers throughout the years), we also wanted to pay homage to other research that has been done around Maya textiles as well as Guatemalan culture, religion and history. With examples from a wide range of mediums then, from articles, museum exhibitions, to books to documentaries, we have done our best to compile a list of our favourite resources and what we believe to be the greatest media about Guatemala and all it entails. 


- Mayan Folktales: Folklore from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala - James D. Sexton

- The Blood of Guatemala: A History of Race and Nation - Greg Grandin

- Maya Textiles of Guatemala - Margot Blum Schevill

- The Maya Textile Tradition - Jeffrey Jay Foxx

- Maya Cultural Activism in Guatemala - Edward F. Fischer and R. McKenna Brown

- A Textile Traveler's Guide To Guatemala - Deborah Chandler

- The Guatemala Reader: History, Culture, Politics - Greg Grandin

- I Rigoberta Menchú: An Indian Woman in Guatemala - Rigoberta Menchu 

Films and Documentaries 

- Voice of a Mountain - Tyler Rumph

- Guatemala : Heart of the Maya World - Luis Ara and Ignacio Juansolo 

- Endangered Threads Website (Various Documentaries) - Kathleen Mossman Vitale 

Endangered Threads Documentaries

- Guatemala: On the Edge of Discovery - Brent Winebrenner, Jose Antonio Gonzales and Emilio Faillace

The Film | Guatemala: On the Edge of Discovery (

- Lost World of the Maya Documentary - National Geographic 

(177) Lost World of the Maya (Full Episode) | National Geographic - YouTube

- Lost Treasures of the Maya - National Geographic 

Lost Treasures of The Maya - National Geographic for everyone in everywhere (

- Maya Religion Explained - Religion for Breakfast

 (177) Maya Religion Explained - YouTube


- The cultural significance of dress and textiles - Joanne B. Eicher

- Surviving Conquest: The Maya of Guatemala in Historical Perspective - W. George Lovell

- Guatemalan Textiles - Harriet Newell Wardle
Museum Bulletin | Guatemalan Textiles (

Museum Collections / Exhibitions

- Sam Noble Museum - Maya Textiles Maya Textiles – Sam Noble Museum (

- Penn Museum - Guatemalan Textiles Museum Bulletin | Guatemalan Textiles (

- Spurlock Museum - Guatemalan Textiles Maya Textiles of Guatemala, Notable Collections, Collections, Spurlock Museum, U of I (