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Trama Textiles offers unique homestays where travelers can share the daily lives of our weavers and their families in rural Guatemala. This experience gives home stayers a first-hand chance to learn about Mayan culture with real women weavers at the heart of Trama's organization.

We offer homestays in four different villages: San Juan at Lake Atitlan, San Martin, Pujujil, and Chirijox. Each village differs from the others in a number of ways, from their surroundings, cultures and traditions, to their living conditions and available activities.

The common activity that unites all of them is weaving. Home-stayers stay with real Trama weavers and can take a weaving class at each stay. Other possible activities include helping with the men's daily work in the corn or coffee fields, visiting local markets, learning how to prepare traditional Guatemalan food, attending religious ceremonies, trekking over fields and mountains, fishing on the shores of Lake Atitlan, and much more!

You can read more about each of the available homestays below:

San Juan at Lake Atitlan is the only village where you're likely to encounter other tourists, as it's located on the shore of Lake Atitlan, a popular travel destination. Travelers who choose San Juan will experience authentic Guatemalan living, but it won't be as isolated as other villages. It's a great choice to continue on further travels from.

Our weaving group in San Juan grows their own cotton, and only works with natural dyes, so this homestay includes a demonstration of the natural dying process and an introduction to the many plants and reagents used to create the textiles' vibrant colors.

San Martin is the village where Amparo, the president of Trama Textiles, lives. Home-stayers can stay either with Amparo and her family, or in another weaver’s home. San Martin is isolated, so it's unlikely other tourists will be staying in this area, which makes the experience more rugged than the San Juan homestay. Conveniently, San Martin is located only one hour's bus ride away from Xela, making it a quick and easy escape from the city with minimal travel time.

Pujujil is located approximately two hours from Xela in the Sololá highlands. This village is the home of Oralia, our vice president. To get to Pujujil, travelers will be accompanied by a family member on a direct local bus that will take you to the weavers' family home. Prepare for an authentic ride through rural Guatemala! This village and homestay provides the most true-to-life insights into traditional Guatemalan culture in rural areas. Travelers will be met with the generous and heartwarming hospitality of the people of Pujujil.

Chirijox is a one hour drive either from Xela or Panajachel. Just like Pujujil, travelers will be accompanied by a family member on a direct local bus that will take you to the weavers' family house. A stay in Chirijox provides a real glimpse into Guatemalan village life, and, most importantly, offers home-stayers an insight into how Trama makes a difference to the lives of local families. If you're curious about the real-life impact of our co-operative, visiting Chirijox is a great way to learn more. 

We offer three standard trip arrangements: one full day, two days and one night, or three days and two nights. We are also able to accommodate special requests.

Both San Martin and Pujujil include transportation, meals, accommodation, and activities with the family (transportation includes public buses, on which guests will be accompanied by a family member at all times). San Juan and Chirijox include all of the above except transportation.

For all homestays, 70% of the tour price goes directly to the family, meaning each trip helps the weaving families of Trama. The final 30% is a commission for Trama Textiles, which goes towards expenses for maintaining the co-operative, and to the local tourist agencies who help promote the tours.

Prices vary for each village, so click on the page for the village you're interested in to find out more.

“Staying with one of the families was one of the most amazing experiences from my time in Guatemala. I chose to stay with Francisca´s family in San Juan, Lake Atitlan and am already wanting to return. I felt like part of the family, participating in their daily lives for the weekend. I was also lucky enough to be in the town when their football team won against the neighbouring town San Pedro. The streets were filled with the locals dancing and singing all afternoon. I cannot recommend doing Trama's homestays highly enough!” – Lauren O, Australia

Watch the video below to discover how these homestays help the weavers and their families.