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Come discover the beauty and culture of Quetzaltenango (Xela)!

Live in the same complex as our Trama shop, in the center of Quetzaltenango. Here you can immerse yourself in Maya culture and food, speak Spanish as well, and learn to weave your beautiful creations.

 The accommodation costs Q100 ($13) for a large room per night (two beds.)

We offer meals for Q25 ($3.25) each. Meals are available Monday-Friday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  You will be eating traditional Guatemalan/Mayan dishes that the weavers prepare for themselves, and their families and we are not able to accommodate specific dietary restrictions. You can use the kitchen to cook your food if you would like to.



If you are interested in booking a room, please reserve us through Airbnb or email


Excursions around Xela

Whilst staying at Trama, there are many beautiful places to visit. Here is a list of the well-recommended places to visit:

  • Fuentes Georginas. A beautiful set of hot springs naturally heated by the volcanoes of Zunil, located in the municipality of Zunil, Quetzaltenango. 
  • Salcaja. It is a town just five miles outside of Quetzaltenango and is best known for the Church of San Jacinto, founded in 1524, which was the first church built in Central America since it was one of the first places invaded in the Spanish conquest of Guatemala.
  • San Andres Xecul. Home to a church famous for its vibrant colors and decoration on the outside. In addition to the church's beauty and vibrancy, it carries a strong influence on colonialist pasts in Guatemala. 
  • Chicabal Laguna. Chicabal Lake was formed in the crater of volcano Chicabal at an elevation of 2712 meters. This lake is sacred to the Mann Maya people and is located in the town of San Martin Sacatepequez, which is a one-hour drive direct from the Trama HQ and around 1.5 hours on a bus. 




'I stayed with Amparo and Oralia for three weeks in their home at Trama. I participated in volunteering for Trama textiles, helping Oralia with English, taking photos of products, practicing my Spanish, editing website photos, and even making some products out of the recycled fabrics that Trama have! From the moment I arrived I felt very welcome and fully immersed into the project. I had a weaving lesson from Oralia, and at the same time I helped her with learning some English phrases so she is able to teach weaving in other countries. I also had Spanish lessons with a private tutor (very cheap) and would definitely recommend this if you want to stay in Xela Quetzaltenango for a long time!"                                            
Alice C, England


"If you are looking for cultural immersion, true connection, and an authentic experience while you are in Guatemala…..look no further. A friend and I had the honor of spending 3 nights with Oralia, Amparo, and their families. To say it was more than I expected would be an understatement. We were welcomed in with open arms and felt like family right away. They prepared food for us, taught us how to weave, showed us the natural dying process they use, and even had the patience to try and teach us the art of tortilla making. Even though we do not speak Spanish, we had no problem communicating with Google translate and some basic phrases we picked up. We also had the opportunity to venture out to some nearby hot springs and the local market to pick up some groceries. These women and their families gave us a behind the scenes look at daily life in Guatemala. We also bonded over sharing some of our own personal rituals and offering them some foot massages and reiki. We came as strangers and left as friends. This was just a beginning in a life long connection with these women and the work they are doing." 

Shelley E., USA