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    Working with the Trama weavers is a rewarding experience.

    We offer many volunteer opportunities at Trama. 

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    UPDATE JULY 2022 We are currently seeking volunteers for the following areas:
    1. SEO & Website Editing and Design
    A self-motivated web designer to improve our Shopify website including diagnosing web issues and potentially editing code. The ideal volunteer will have a passion for SEO, key word searches, and potentially writing blogs. This volunteer role can be carried out remotely or in person

    Please contact

    A detail oriented volunteer who can help overhaul and improve our e-commerce listings. This role will be carried out in-person and involve checking physical stock vs. online listings across Etsy, Shopify and our order forms. You will be making sure item and colour names and descriptions are consistent across all platforms, clean up data for product clarity, note products which need to be re-photographed, naming images and creating clear, efficient systems for out entire product back end. You will also be responsible for picking, packing and shipping of online orders.

    Please contact

    A volunteer with experience in accounting who can help us establish systems to track and report Profits and Losses. This role will be carried out in-person and involve working with our President and Vice President as well as other volunteers to accurately track incoming and outgoing expenses and establish simple processes for ongoing accuracy of reporting. Accurate reporting of profits will open up possibilities for grants and programs which are of great importance to the growth and strength of Trama.
    We are always looking for volunteers with varied skills to spend some time with us here in Guatemala. We constantly have openings for volunteers with skills in:
    • Business development
    • Sales management
    • Communications, marketing or PR
    • Social media 
    • Graphic design
    • Textile design and production 
    • Video production
    • Web development, SEO or e-commerce
    • International development, grants writing or non-profit

    As our volunteer team is small, it’s important that those involved have a good working knowledge in the area they want to help in, are self-motivated, and are able to identify, carry out and complete projects that will be of long-term benefit the organisation.


    For our on site volunteer positions, we ask:

    • a weekly commitment of at least 20 hours per week
    • an interest in textiles, women’s issues, Latin America and/or international development
    • at least basic Spanish

      Unfortunately, we do not offer internships or training for volunteers with no professional skills.

      Here are some sections of an interview with Clemmie, an in-person volunteer from France: 

      What have you learned during your time with us?
      I’ve learned about the running of a small NGO, how to run a shop, as well as the rich history and art of back loom weaving.

      What does female empowerment mean to you?
      Female empowerment isn’t easy to measure or quantify, but in general terms I would say that gaining (at least some) education and financial independence are the key foundation stones. At the top of the pyramid of empowerment, I would place total gender equality. What I find interesting is how every single woman in
      the world is concerned, whether you come from a Guatemalan rural community or a global north metropolis'

      Being here in Guatemala is an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture, see and feel the products first hand and meet our wonderful weavers in person. However online volunteering may be available for certain areas of expertise. 

      For our virtual volunteer positions, we ask:

      • a weekly commitment of 10 hours per week
      • an interest in textiles, women’s issues, Latin America and/or international development

        'its surprising to think that I had never thought about online volunteering, let alone 10000km of distance. Now I wonder why I did not start before. By getting to know from the inside how such an important corporative works, feeling part of it and contributing to its goals with my creativity, shortens distances and creates precious bonds. I am finding this a way to challenge myself and experience, in a small yet significant dimension, the meaning of international corporation. Few hours a week are making me feel connected to such a meaningful project and meet people from everywhere. I would suggest it to anyone, at any age, from any part of the world' - Alessandra, virtual volunteer from Italy 

        If you don’t see your area of expertise on the list, but have skills that you think would be useful, we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email at with a resume, a Volunteer application form and a brief summary of how you want to help.


        Get answers to frequently asked questions here.