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Over the years we have teamed up with a variety of organizations and businesses internationally, so we wanted to dedicate a space to showcase our features and collaborations. Below you can find a collection of our highlights. We hope this page can help provide greater insight into Trama Textiles. 



Still Standing 

"Indigenous Maya women in Guatemala have passed down the tradition of weaving for over 2,000 years. But when a 36-year-long civil war in the late 20th century threatened Maya culture, wearing traditional clothing became dangerous. In the 15 years following the war, groups of women have banded together to sustain themselves and their families through weaving. We visited a group in San Juan La Laguna to see how it is fighting to keep the craft alive." 

Featured by Business Insider in 2021.


Portrait of a Small Business 

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 Mailchimp featured Trama Textiles and President Oralia for their 2021 Hispanic Heritage month project: Portrait of a Small Business.
You can read the full feature here.