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Almaya Fund: Sponsor a Student


Trama’s ‘Sponsor a Weaver's Child’ Project was created to help the children of our cooperative learn, grow and excel.

The communities that make up our cooperative face extremely difficult conditions when it comes to education for their children.

In Guatemala, while primary school (Grades 1-6) is free and mandatory, Basico and Diversificado (roughly the equivalent of middle and high school) cost not only an inscription fee, but also a monthly charge.

For one child to attend Basico it costs around Q2500 (Q500 inscription fee and Q200 monthly fee for the 10 month school year). At current exchange rates, this is the equivalent of $335 per year.

That means for one child to complete the 3 years of Basico it will cost at a minimum $1,005, and all 6 years of middle school and high school cost $2,010. That doesn't even cover the additional costs of general supplies, transportation to and from school, and books that all children at every age need.

Needless to say it is quite expensive, especially for families living in rural, lower income areas of Guatemala where the minimum wage, which many don't make, is around $12 a day (Q90).

Each of the 17 communities that make up the Trama Textiles Cooperative have an average of 15-20 children, of which many will be at the basico (middle school) level age this coming year.

‘Sponsor a Weaver's Child’ provides scholarships for Trama weaver's children to complete at least middle and high school. The sponsorship won’t be covering the total tuition fee, instead, it will be a contribution to the student’s family so that it helps pay for the tuition or any other school related expenses.


Our goal is for all Trama children to complete at least Middle and High School.




Each sponsored student will be receiving Q150 (20USD) per month , which means 200USD annually (school year is from January to October - 10 months). 

The total amount to cover Middle and High school is 1200 USD. This considers 200USD annually, in 3 years of Middle school and 3 years of High school.

The sponsored students are selected and prioritized according to the family' socio-economic assessment

In order to keep receiving the monthly funds, the student must provide a monthly grades report and keep a minimum performance.



  • Collective Sponsorships
    • You can make a donation of any amount to the Education Fund here.
    • You can become a monthly donor, of the amount you prefer. Just select that option when donating to the Education Fund here.
The total amount to cover Middle and High school is 1200 USD
This means that to sponsor a child we must raise that amount to ensure they can be sponsored throughout Middle and High School.
A new child will be sponsored through the collective donations every time the amount of 1200USD has been reached.
Each donor will be notified via email of which student has been granted the collective scholarship. Read on to meet our students below! 


  • Direct Sponsorship
You can directly sponsor a child.
Each sponsor can chose a student from the profiles below, and have the commitment of sponsoring for at least a full school year.
The sponsor and student will get to know each other through Trama
In order to build a close relationship between student and sponsor, the student will send quarterly video updating about their progress and activities in school. The sponsor will also be encouraged to do a video for the student.
If you are interested in becoming a direct sponsor please contact us for more info at 
  • Get your school involved
Click here to check how your local school could get involved.

Thank you for supporting the Trama students!



 Organized by Pueblo 

Students from San Juan Cotzal 

Juana Sajic Sánchez - 12 years old - 6th grade
Entering Basico in 2022
Trama Education Fund Sponsee Harley
Harley Juan Bradley - 15 years old - 7th grade
Entering second year of Basico in 2022
Teresa Cordoba Cruz - 15 years old - 9th grade
Entering Diversificado in 2022
Trama Textiles Education Fund Sponsee Jheliana
Jheliana Betzabé de la Cruz Garcia - 15 years old - 7th grade
Entering second year of Basico in 2022
Hervin Juan Alexander Cordoba - 12 years old - 6th grade
Entering Basico in 2022 
Mary Maively Cruz - 12 years old - 6th grade
Entering Basico in 2022 


Students from Churuneles, Solola

Evelene Pajoset - 12 years old - 6th grade 

Entering first year of Basico in 2022 

Trama Textiles Sponsee Linzi

Linzi Desire Panjoj Churunel - 13 years old - 7th grade

Enrolled in Basico - Linzi loves the environment and wants to contribute to a cleaner place to live for her community 


Christian Yovany Panjoj Zet - 7 - 1st grade

Christian is being raised by a single mother along with five siblings. Due to financial limitations, his mother cannot afford basic supplies needed to send him to school.


Students from San Martin

Trama Sponsee Marta

Marta Micaela Basquez Basquez - 9 years old

Marta has never attended any school and cannot speak Spanish. She should be entered into Primario, but due to severe financial hardship her grandmother cannot afford her school supplies. 


 Cristian Joseue Rubio de Leon - 11 years old - 7th grade
Entering Basico in 2022 


Students from Santa Maria De Jesus

Tomasa Estella Achbol Pula - 14 - 6th grade

Entering Basico in 2022

Marvin Eduardo Patan Xan - 12 - 6th grade

Entering Basico in 2022

Henry Charconin - 13 - 7th grade
Enrolled in Basico 
Trama Textiles Education Fund sponsee Edgar
Edgar Orlando Patan Xar - 15 - 9th grade
Entering Secondario

Students from Quetzaltenango

Trama Textiles Sponsee Cecilia

Cecilia Noemí torres de León - 15 años - 8th grade

Enrolled in Basico


Students from Chirijox 

Juan Jerry William Hernandez - 12 years old - 6th grade 

Entering first year of Basico in 2022