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Trama Textiles and Your School

The Trama Textiles Education Fund was launched to support the children of our cooperative members in their pursuit of education while educating other children from around the world about the history, traditions, and culture of Guatemala.

What can your school or student(s) do to help the students of our Trama weavers?  

Create a Fundraiser

Encourage your students to organize a fundraiser event themselves to help our students here in Guatemala! Here are some ideas to get you started:

    • Host a walk-a-thon, having people give donations based on the distance you walk

    • Hold a “coin war” between classrooms. The class with the highest value in coins by the end of the time period is the winner, and donate the funds

    • Offer gift-wrapping services and contribute the proceeds to Trama

    • Hold a 'Friendship Bracelet Fundraiser' event. Order packs of 10 or 20 hand-woven Friendship Bracelets and sell them in your school. The funds you raise from each bracelet goes to the Trama Education Fund and will be used to buy essential school supplies and other costs of education.

Be creative! Any little bit helps our students here. 

Learn about Guatemala

  • Educate your students about the country of Guatemala and the weaving process. Contact us at to receive our school resources in Spanish and English to use with your students. 

Start a language exchange

Partner schools who support us in fundraising, also have the opportunity to participate in a Spanish language classroom pen-pal program with students living in Guatemala!

The pen-pal program is an excellent opportunity for your students to put their Spanish to use and allows for unique cross-cultural exchanges.


Contact us for more information about participating in a Trama fundraiser or pen-pal program!