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The real cost of selling more: why you won't find Black Friday offers on Trama Textiles' online shop

By Coordinator - Volunteers on Nov 26, 2021

Like every year, towards the end of November, discounts and promotions are popping up everywhere. Our inboxes and social media accounts are flooded with deals that “we do not want to miss out on”, and all of...

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The Coffee Journey
The Coffee Journey

By Coordinator - Volunteers on Feb 05, 2021

The journey from the tree to the cup takes time, efforts and lot of work. The best coffees must not only have been harvested at the best time of ripeness, but they must also have "stabilized" sufficiently before being roasted, so that the fine aromas and flavors can be experienced at their maximum. Flavours and aromas of coffee depend on the characteristics of the soil, temperatures, altitude, rainfall and winds. All these characteristics make the bean unique. In Guatemala there are eight coffee production areas characterized by as many microclimates. Let's discover them together!

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