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Education Fund - Sponsor a Student


When we asked our weavers how we could support them, their number one priority was access to education and a better future for their children. In 2021, the Education Fund was established to help children of the Trama Textiles Cooperative learn, grow, and excel. Our primary goal is to provide direct scholarships and essential school supplies to students in need.

In Guatemala, primaria school (grades 1-6) is free and mandatory. However, it costs $2,010 for one child to complete all 6 years of middle and high school. The communities that make up the Trama Textiles Cooperative face financial challenges when accessing education for their children as many cannot afford to pay these tuition fees. This is especially the case for families living in rural, lower income areas of Guatemala where an estimated minimum yearly income is only $2734.

Each of the 14 communities that make up the Trama Textiles Cooperative have an average of 15-20 children, many of which will begin secondary school this year. Our mission is to sponsor each student for all 6 years of middle and high school. This provides students with stability and security, knowing they will be supported throughout their educational journey.


$ 335
$ 1005
$ 1005
$ 2010
1 year of middle or high school
Completion of middle school
(3 years)
Completion of high school
(3 years)
Total costs for secondary education
(6 years)

Can you help keep a Guatemalan child in education?

Join our community of closest supporters by becoming a monthly donor. A monthly contribution can help towards a child's education and support their future. This investment helps support long-term community development and transformation.


a month could cover the yearly costs of school supplies, books, and transportation to and from school for a child


a month could contribute to a child's education for a year and encourage parents to continue investing in their children’s education


a month could sponsor a child's education for a full year*

* If you choose to donate $30 a month, we will connect you with a specific sponsored student. These children have expressed interest in connecting with their sponsor. You can stay connected through videos, letters and photos facilitated by Trama Textiles.



The Almaya Fund pools donations and disburses them equally among our sponsored students. Our aim is to ensure that each sponsored student receives Q150 ($20) per month or Q1500 ($200) for the entire 10-month school year. This covers around 75% of their school tuition. Research on the sustainability of scholarship programs in developing communities has shown that partial scholarships incentivize parents to continue investing in their children’s education.

Sponsored students are selected based on socio-economic assessments of the families in our communities. In order to receive a scholarship, each student must provide proof of enrollment in school and bi-annual grade reports with passing performance.

Donors can connect with sponsored students through monthly newsletters providing regular updates from the project.


Sponsor students like:

Juana Sajic Sánchez is 12 years old and she entered her first year of Basico in 2022, which is the equivalent of 7th grade.

Harley Juan Bradley is 15 years old. He entered his second year of Basico in 2022, which is the equivalent of 8th grade.

Thank you for your continued support of the communities, families, and students of Trama Textiles!