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Sponsor our weavers children

When we asked our weavers how we could support them, their number one priority was access to education and a better future for their children. In rural and indigenous communities such as those of the Trama Textiles Cooperative, 65% of the children do not complete lower secondary education and 78% do not complete upper secondary education. 

Our primary goal is to provide direct scholarships and essential school supplies to students in need. Our mission is to sponsor each student for all 6 years of middle and high school. This provides students with stability and security, knowing they will be supported throughout their educational journey.

In 2024, we want to provide scholarships for 25 of our weavers children to complete middle or high school. $200 per year is the cost per child, including school supplies, books, and transportation.  The families that make up the Trama Textiles Cooperative face financial challenges when accessing education for their children as many cannot afford to pay these tuition fees. 

And there are much more on the waiting list - each of the 14 communities that make up the Trama Textiles Cooperative have an average of 15-20 children, many of which will begin secondary school this or next year. 

 How can you help keep a Guatemalan child in education?

A one-time donation of $200 

or $17 monthly

sponsors a child's education for the entire year.

If you choose this option, you can get in touch with a specific sponsored student, which expressed interest in connecting with a sponsor. You will receive videos, letters and photos facilitated by Trama Textiles.

Any donation below

is automatically pooled into a community fund for the students without personal sponsors.

Join our community of closest supporters by becoming a personal sponsor for a child.!


How does it work

Sponsored students are selected based on socio-economic assessments of the families in our communities. To receive a scholarship, each student must provide proof of enrollment in school and bi-annual grade reports with passing performance.

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