Education Fund

Trama Education Fund Recipients

Trama Textiles has started an Education Fund to help the children of the communities that make up our co-operative.

In Guatemala, attending school costs a monthly fee. Primary school is free, but Basico and Diversifacado, which are the equivalents of middle school and high school, cost approximately $715 per year for just one child. This doesn't include the costs of supplies, books, or transportation to and from school.

For the communities that make up Trama, this is a difficult condition to meet. Many families live in rural, low-income areas, where the minimum wage is just $12 a day, and some will not even make that. As a result, a lot of children end up missing out on school entirely.

There are approximately 85 children of middle school age in the 17 communities that make up Trama. 

Our aim is to raise enough money so that all of 85 of these children can attend middle school. This will cost around $60,000 per year.

But this is a large, long-term goal. Our first target is to raise $15,000 so that, at a minimum, we can provide the students with supplies, books, and uniforms. We are starting small in the hopes that the campaign will grow over time.

You can find out more about the Education Fund and donate through our GoFundMe page. Every penny makes a difference!