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Future Projects

Creative Opportunities for Weavers 

During our 2019 needs assessment, the women of the cooperative expressed a deep desire to be trained in more advanced weaving techniques and have the time and materials to experiment with new design ideas.

We hope to meet their expectations in the future and launch a campaign to raise funds to buy enough yarn, looms, coloring dye, and other weaving supplies, to supply each of our villages with substantial amounts of material to try out new designs and stretch their creative muscles. 



Uterine Cancer Screenings

Tragically, we have lost more than one of our cooperative members to uterine cancer over the last few years.

These tragedies have particularly touched the heart of one of our Trama Textiles founders, Amparo, and she dreams that we can help prevent this in the future by providing free uterine cancer screenings to all of our cooperative members, through partnership with healthcare NGOs. 

The issue is one dear to all of our hearts here at Trama, and we hope to eventually be able to provide screenings annually, while also expanding the program to increase access to many healthcare services, keeping our Trama family safe and healthy for years to come.