COVID19 Update: Yes, we are still open & shipping online orders! Every purchase directly supports indigenous women during this challenging time.

Virtual Tours

As in most places, the Covid19-Pandemic has changed our reality and we've had to create new ways to continue sharing the beauty of Mayan weaving and most importantly ensure our weavers are still able to maintain their families throughout this challenging time.

We were able to reopen our local shop and weaving school but visitors are only slowly starting to come back. Therefore, we now offer virtual weaving tours.

From the highlands of Guatemala, representatives of our weavers give a live demonstration of the process of backstrap loom weaving providing an insight
to Mayan weaving culture and the work of our cooperative. If you're interested, we can add a demonstration of natural dyes showing the process from raw cotton to colorful yarn using different plant ingredients.

The tours are transmitted via Zoom and include:

  • Introduction of Mayan weaving culture including an insight into symbology and regional identity linked to weaving in the different communities
  • Explanation of Trama Textile's work and mission
  • Step-by-step demonstration from setting up the loom to the weaving technique itself
  • Q & A with the weavers, you can ask your questions directly and they will answer
  • On demand: demonstration of the process of naturally dyeing cotton yarn with various plants
  • The tour is live translated from Spanish to English and takes around 1 hour

Our virtual weaving tours are free of charge and open for anyone interested in learning about the richness of Mayan weaving art and supporting our mission of preserving it while creating a sustainable source of income for women artisans, even more during times of crisis.

To schedule a tour, a group of a minimum of 5 people is needed.

If you're interested, feel free to contact us: