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Why Guatemala Is a Great Destination for Digital Nomads

Why Guatemala Is a Great Destination for Digital Nomads

According to the article recently posted on Linkedin by Chris Herd -Founder & CEO @ Firstbase “Over 20 million people work remotely in the EU and USA today, up from 9 million a decade ago — that number is projected to grow to 40 million people by 2029… Every single one of them has an opportunity to participate as a cloud-native worker in a decentralized global economy”.

Remote working is a big revolution for the global society because it is changing the way people live at many levels: flexible working schedule, more time for family and themselves, and also more time for traveling, so a new generation of travelers on long journeys is rising.

Digital Nomads are defined as a category of full remote workers often on the move. The extreme ones decide to leave their home-base and embrace a pure “location independent” lifestyle, traveling the world and living here and there. Others might travel for a while (years or months) coming back to their home-base from time to time. At any level, all digital nomads work while they are traveling and living in different places. They could immerse themselves in new cultures and habits, learning new languages, experimenting with living in nature (forests, lakes, beaches, mountains) and also develop new skills and abilities (from permaculture to new sports).

Where do they go? The world is big enough for lots of choices, from India to Asia, and Latin & South America. And it seems our beloved Guatemala is in the top list destinations!

Despite the stunning nature and the heritage of Mayan Culture, digital nomads choosing Guatemala are the ones also interested in:

Yoga & Meditation Retreat on Atitlan Lake.

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala is the house of many different communities that are building optimized environments for healing minds and bodies, and for raising awareness, self-consciousness, empathy, creativity. They offer retreats and workshops about Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Ayurvedic & Mayan medicine, Sciamanic practices, Ecstatic dance, and so on. Eagle's Nest is one of the most active international community, San Marcos' based. They are moved by the desire to belong, to heal, to express and share, and learn how to solve pain-points together. So they offer comfortable hospitality solutions and many activities to join: "a roof over your head, warmth when it gets cold, a comfortable & cozy bed, sacred spaces to be alone, safe spaces to be in groups, & healing spaces like the sauna & health-focused therapies & classes available to renew your mind, body & soul". Digital nomads interested in spirituality and looking forward to re-code their lifestyle will love it.

*Photos kindly provided by Eagle's Nest.

Permaculture Farms & Sustainability

Permaculture farms are dislocated in different regions across Guatemala, and digital nomads interested in sustainability might join a farm and attend courses to learn all about permaculture's techniques and natural building. Atitlan Organics, in Zununà - Lake Atitlan's village, is a 10-year old productive Permaculture farm. Since 2010 they have been cultivating edible greens, fruit, vegetables, herbs, eggs, chicken, ducks, dairy, honey, and medicinal plants. They supply Lake Atitlan’s best restaurants and shops with their permaculture greens, eggs, and chicken. We think that's a great way to get actively involved in sustainability projects while keep working on remote! 

*Photo provided by Atitlan Organics

Learning Spanish and Volunteering in Xela.

If the lake is the place to be for spiritual retreats and permaculture workshops, our beloved Quetzaltenango (friendly called Xela) is the destination for digital nomads interested in learning Spanish and also for finding different volunteering experiences! Many schools are active in town and they offer different courses and individual classes too, so it comes easy to fit the classes within the working schedule on remote. And about volunteering, here at Trama we're always happy to get digital nomads involved if they have skills in business development, sales management, communications, marketing and/or PR, social media or graphic design, but there are also other options available in town. Moreover, Xela is a very active city full of cafes and lovely places to work in: Mandarina cafè, for example, is one of our fav ones with its lovely patio and a variety of cakes, smoothies, coffee! 

*Photo of Mandarina's Patio

And... Xela is also full of activities to attend in your free time: from hiking volcanos around the city to salsa dance classes, something you have to try at least one in life!

Ready to join Guatemala?    


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