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30 Seconds With a Weaver

30 Seconds With a Weaver

Katie Mae has recently spent just over a week at Trama, learning how to backstrap loom with our weavers and we quickly caught up with her!

So Katie Mae, where are you from?
Sacranento, California

And have you ever weaved before giving backstrap looming a go at Trama?
Yes, its actually what I do at home, but my weaving is very different from what I am doing now. I take pieces of scrap material and use a technique called Rag Rug weaving on a frame loom!

So what are you actually making at the moment?
I’m making a black embroidered table runner with a butterfly pattern down the middle, it usually takes about 30 hours of work!

Now that you have been in Xela for a little while, what is your favourite food here?
Plantains, of course!

And, if you could give one top tip to everyone travelling to Xela what would it be?
Relax and enjoy the slower pace.

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